Rooster Comb, Aflamed

San Francisco

A Korean Schnauser

Seoul, South Korea

The Way to See
Sunsets Earlier

Porto, Portugal

Kick the Sun

München, Germany

Crying Wall

Anheung, a small town of South Korea

Act Serious. He’s Taking a Photo of Us.

New York, New York

Will You Smile If I Recycle?

New York, New York

How to Be the Best Husband

Salzburg, Austria

1,000 Year Old Photo Zone

Edinburgh, Scotland

She Wants to be Korean So Badly

Seoul, South Korea

Deliver Pizza at the Speed of Light

City hall, San Francisco

Natural Spade

Anheung, a small town of South Korea

Adulthood Chasing Childhood

Panhandle Park, San Francisco

Korean Traditional Market

Seoul, South Korea (Hit me up if you visit there, I’ll give you pro tips)

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