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Swim Like Mike


Young African Americans are 5.5 times more likely to drown than their white counterparts. The lack of African American swimming role models is often cited as part of the problem. Every African American role model that knows how to swim is a swimming role model.

When we thought about role models in the African American community, one of the first to come to mind was, of course, Michael Jordan. As we did more research into him, we found one crazy, unbelievable fact: The greatest athlete of all time can't swim.

Our idea is simple: Teach Michael Jordan how to swim and create the biggest African American swimming role model.

1) Video Series

The Jordan brand launches an 8 episode video series, following Michael Jordan learning how to swim.

Below is a 45 second promotion video. (Volume up!)

The series will air on television, as well as on the Jordan brand's main page.

2) Swimming Program

The Jordan brand partners with the YMCA, offering subsidized swimming lessons to encourage members of the African American community to learn how to swim.

The program will consist of 24 classes with special appearances from Nike sponsored athletes such as Serena Williams and LeBron James. 

3) Swimwear

The Jordan brand releases a line of swimwear that tips its hat to iconic Air Jordan designs. All profits will go to swimming classes held in YMCAs across the country.

4) Digital Ads

Digital ads will be embedded into the product page itself, encouraging shoppers to check out the documentary. By targeting current customers (21% of which are African American), Jordan Brand will be able to easily spread the word through Nike fans.

Copywriter: Erica Yoshimura
Art Director: Me & Melissa Osoria

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.