The Collectors

My Role

Art Direction & Design


Energy Upgrade California (PG&E) 



đź’ˇBrief & Idea

It’s a little-known fact that during peak energy hours (4-9PM) California’s clean energy is replaced by fossil fuels to meet demand. Keeping California golden means making use of wind and solar energy when it’s available.

In The Collectors campaign, we see people harnessing and making use of California’s clean energy sources during off-peak hours, with whimsical visuals to capture interest.

<TVC :60>


As an extension to the broadcast spots, we photographed 5 powerful images for print and with each,
we focused on capturing the diversity of all Californians.
For precise targeting, the print ads were translated into 5 main languages relevant to the Golden State
and reformatted into 165 different styles for 650+ vendors.

<Web Experience>
For more detail:

For Instagram in-feed, we use an Instagram time sticker
to show what time collectors are taking advantage of clean energy. 

As for the Instagram story, we use Instagram’s countdown sticker on the sunrise shot from our video
to educate people that California’s cleaner energy is less available between 4-9PM and become more accessible after 9PM.

ECD: Ben Wolan
GCD: Mark Krajan
ACD: Aubrey Day, Carlos Savage
Sr. CW: Clemence Pluche
AD: Me
Production: The Corner Shop
Director: Peter Thwaites

Don Lee, Art Director