Taylor Swift + YouTube

My Role

Art Direction

569M Total Views

26M Total Engagements

118K Total Creations

4.9K Avg daily creations throughout campaign

27K Creations from new Shorts creators

💡Brief & Idea

To inspire Gen Z participation on YouTube Shorts, we partnered with Taylor Swift to run a multi-platform interactive campaign called # TSAntiHeroChallenge.

We invited fans around the world to share their anti-heroic traits, which was the core part of the title song ‘Anti Hero’ on Shorts.

Trailer :30

We kicked this off with :30 ad unit and 6 Shorts from Taylor Swift herself.

In the ad unit executed across the world, we used intuitive two-tone gradient to present Taylor and her fans’ normal side and anti-hero side.


We also made her cat Benjamin’s POV video and it earned love from internet and her fans...

Creation from Celebrities

Brie Larson

Millie Barbie Brown (Seems she didn’t understand the assignment...)