The Plunge for Pixel2


Experiential Design

Pitched for 

Jack Morton, London

Jack Morton, London

My Role

Art Direction
Experience Design
User Research

In 2018, I luckily won D&AD New Blood Award and was able to be invited to New Blood Academy in London. In the third week of the program, we had a pitching competition for Google’s Pixel 2 smartphone launch. And.. my team won!

Surprisingly, a very similar idea was executed at Google’s booth in CES in both 2019 and 2020.

Influence the 50 invited influencers by designing an experience that is shareable, current and creatively compelling to launch the Pixel 2 smartphone. The big idea must have an experience journey across multiple touchpoints.


-Pixel 2 has multiple unique features (AI assistant, Google Lens, unlimited storage, etc.)  busy influencers are in need of short and all-in-one

Create all-in-one 1 minute experience on a slide with Pixel 2 features, provided with auto-shareable format video in the end.


After this, we made the juries stand in front of the screen and hold their phone. Then we present this immersive experiential video:

...and we could win.

And as I mentioned above, a very similar idea was executed at Google’s CES booth in 2019 and 2020.