NYC Wear a Mask Campaign

My Role

Art Directing


Honorable Mentions by Andrew Cuomo



⚠️Ask from Governer Cuomo

The New York governor challenged people to submit a 30-second ad explaining why wearing a face mask is essential amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Protesters claim that ‘wearing mask order’ infringes on their civil liberties.


Lady Liberty. In a face mask. This isn’t just a sign of solidarity, but a statement of New York pride. We made a mask as a sign of respect, solidarity, and love for New York.

:30 Video

Proceeds from every purchase helps those on the frontlines of the pandemic thanks to the NY State Covid-19 Relief Fund. We created where anyone can purchase a mask. 

This PSA was submitted to Governor Cuomo's Mask Wearing PSA contest and got honorable mention.

Concepted, written, produced, edited, and scored in 4 days.

Executive Creative Director: Ben Wolan
Art Director: Don Lee
Writer: Clemence Pluche

Don Lee, Art Director