Before I started working in creative industries, I was majoring in educational technology and passionate about applying what I learned for underprivileged students in low-income areas or with disabilities. (FYI, inequality in education in South Korea is the worst in the world due to its huge private-tutoring industry called ‘Hagwon,’ which is usually not an affordable option for low-income families.)

Here I will introduce some of the relevant experiences covering instructional designing, tutoring, teaching, Edu-tech, and leadership.

1. Samsung’s Dream Class
Samsung has provided education service to schools in an underserved area, and I was working in this project as an instructional designer/teacher for a year.

I designed the curriculum mostly based on gamification because many students had an issue with attention span. Luckily, the students could get focused on the intriguing format of the class and ended up achieving better grades on their tests simply by reminding what they did in the games.

2. Personal tutoring for a hearing-impaired student.
A friend of mine asked me to teach her younger brother Wansang, because most of the private-tutoring institutes delined to teach him because of his disability- just because it’s inefficient to teach him among regular students. Yes, their attitude really sucks. He needs hearing aids for both ears due to his inherent hearing loss.

So I taught him for 3 years with designing a taylored format for him considering his weak understanding of auditory aspects by visualizing and building most of the learning material. Result? He could make it to a college.

3. Edu-Tech Exhibition

In 2016, I led the 23rd Educational Technology Exhibition at Hanyang University, as a president of the department . Considering the rapid changes of the learning environment from the traditional school system to informal learning based on rising new media, I tried to present interactive styles of learnings as much as possible by adapting technology.

The exhibition ended with successful results: 2X more visitors & 1.8X more revenue compared to the averages of previous years.

Below are some works that we are proud of.

(1) AR map for foreign visitors in Seoul

(2) DIY AR Cup experience for the conversion of mathematics&art education

Bonus: Even Wansang visited the exhibition!!

3. Teaching in the underserved rural area

Before graduate, I had to go teaching practice for a graduation requirement. Students normally choose to go back to mid/high schools they graduated from, but I tried to do something more meaningful: I looked for a place where really needs what I learned for 4 years at university. I found a small rural town called Anheung where has no access to decent education opportunities.

So I chose to go to a tiny school called Anheung Middle School. There are 3 first graders, 10 second graders, and 5 third graders. That’s all. There are more cows than students in the village, which means there are not enough educational resources provided for those students.

I could teach the third graders in the whole school at once. Thanks to this, I was able to design their learning experience in a highly interactive and participatory way, such as a role-playing for history classes.

The entire students of the school were in mourn (I believe...) on the day I left them.