BlackPink + YouTube

My Role

Art Direction

2.5B Total Views

136M Total Engagements

1M+ Total Creations

660K social mentions

27K Creations from new Shorts creators


VarietyTIME, Billboard, ABC news, and 125+ global press stories


In short form video platform competition, TikTok put themselves on the map by starting dance challenge. YouTube Shorts wants to dethrone the TikTok, so we partnered with BlackPink, the most subscribed artist on YouTube. 

To drive the mass volume of creation, we invited fans to join a very simple dance challenge called #PinkVenomChallenge with Blackpink’s new releasing single Pink Venom. 

Trailer :30

To promote it, we created visually attractive :30 ad that accentuates each member’s move along with 4 simple how-to Shorts videos from each members.