Find Your Chosen Family


Digital Product


R/GA, New York



My Role

User Research
Art Direction
UX/UI Design

🥊 The Ask

Create an engaging social platform for the 2019 Pride season and beyond that demonstrates Verizon’s commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and delivers a fresh and culturally relevant articulation of the “Connected by Pride” platform.

💡 Insight/Cutural Context

Chosen Families

4 out of 10 homeless youth are LGBTQIA+. This lack of support and acceptance has led this community to form its own version of family. Connected by pride, this family is constructed by hand and heart, in effort to seek out the support and love their biological or legal families might have not been able to provide.

Unfortunately, only a few brands recognize this new family structure, leaving this community feeling neglected, yet again.

*This idea wasn’t sold in the final round due to the timeline, but I am really proud and fond of this idea.