IKEA’s Refugee Story Box

: Integrated


Upon arriving in Europe, refugee children struggle to assimilate in a foreign and at times hostile living environment.


In moments of insecurity, children turn to their toys for comfort.


IKEA prints toys and accompanying educational stories on all its boxes, allowing European customers to build and send toys to their refugee neighbors in need. 

The boxes become...

Instore experience

An in-store space explains the cause and invites customers to build toys alongside their children.  


After building their toy at home, customers can schedule a time and location for IKEA to come pick up their toy. 

Now refugee children can learn important things simply by playing with their toys.

Digital campaign

An Instagram page shows refugee children with their new toys, responding to the notes that customers left for them.

Copywriter: Erica Yoshimura

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.